Eye to Eye Fundraising DVD

The Guild follow up last year’s Cadogan Hall Gala
Friday, 26 February 2010

Following the success of their wonderful Concert at Cadogan Hall on September 16th 2009, the Guild – with the financial assistance of an anonymous benefactor – have produced a commemorative DVD of the event to support the valuable fundraising work of the Hospital Group.

The original Gala concert presented the world premiere of Eye to Eye, a special commission for the Hospital Group by celebrated composer Patrick Hawes and performed by the English Chamber Orchestra. The event also featured a roster of British and Palestinian artists.

Using Eye to Eye as its ‘signature’ song, the DVD perfectly captures the atmosphere of the concert, while also incorporating wonderful imagery from the Hospital in Jerusalem. The DVD features interviews with the Grand Prior, His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester, Chairman John Talbot and Guild member and Eye Surgeon Denise Magauran, who highlight the vital work of the Hospital.    Patrick Hawes and Palestinian Opera Singer, Dima Bawab, also speak on our behalf.

Simon Richardson, who produced the DVD for the Proudfoot Company, was most impressed as he learned more about the work carried out by the Hospital Group:

“Most people are aware of the St John Ambulance Brigade but I must confess that I had never heard of the vital work carried out - in extraordinarily difficult circumstances - by the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital. In the weeks and months that we have been involved in the project we have been inspired by the generosity and selflessness of the Hospital team who do so much to help families in need - administrators, nurses, surgeons and volunteers in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, as well as the remarkable people raising money for the Hospital around the world.

The project has been a pleasure for us from start to finish and we are delighted with the result. I want to thank, amongst many, many others, Lauretta Ridley, Nicky Wynne and all those who helped to make the Eye to Eye concert such a success. Last but definitely not least I must pay special tribute to the efforts of the tireless and wonderful Georgie Brooks, without whom the DVD project would not have happened.”

The DVD is not to be sold and will be used for fundraising purposes and at events and on-line (the Group’s website, Facebook, YouTube).

Any enquires should be addressed to Dominic Hasan at dominic.hasan@stjohn eyehospital.org, or on 020 7553 6965.

For more information about the Proudfoot Company, contact Mr Richardson at simon [at] proudfoot [dot] tv, or visit http://www.proudfoot.tv,